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Photos by TCPD Page last updated: 2011-09-25

Winter Hill "New" Mast - Archive Feature

No, there is not currently a new mast at Winter Hill, but there was back in 1965.

Photographs taken by a BBC engineer during the construction.

A link at the bottom of this page leads to the BBC R&D paper describing the Band III BBC TV aerial system.

Up until the construction of the 1965 1000 ft mast, designed to carry UHF services, the ITV Band 3 antenna had been on a 450 foot tower.

This would be the feeders for the BBC antennas being terminated and tested where they enter the BBC Building. UHF on the left and VHF on the right.

It almost looks as if the chap is in evening dress.

Or give him a tall hat and cigar and he is trying to look like IKB !

The second set of pictures are not dated, but must be later because the feeder termination has been completed. The box with side cover removed is the compressor/dryer used to pressurise the feeders with dry air.

This visit included a mast ascent by the photographer.

Is there a saying "It looks like a building site"?

"100' platform and first stay level"

"650' level transition from cylinder to lattice"

"ITA Band III EMI panels"

"ITA Band III EMI panels"

Winter Hill index

The Band III BBC aerial at Winter Hill
The UHF aerial at Winter Hill
How they constructed the Winter Hill Transmitter (YouTube)

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