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Winter Hill Lancashire
NGR: SD660144 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 438m      Structure Height: 309.5m
Digital TV: BBC A: 32   D3&4: 34   BBC B: 35   SDN: 29   Arq A: 31   Arq B: 37  
  Local Mux: 24/21/40   GI: 27  
National Radio: Radio 1: 98.2   Radio 2: 88.6   Radio 3: 90.8   Radio 4: 93.0  
Local Radio: Heart FM (North West): 105.4   Hits Radio (Lancashire): 97.4   Smooth Radio (North West): 100.4   Radio Lancashire: 103.9  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B   Digital One: 11D   Lancashire: 12A   Liverpool: 10C   Manchester: 12C  
  Sound Digital: 11A  
Comments: Pre B700 allocations: 50/59/54; 58/49/37 and 31/37. The GI Mux transmits G-MAN Manchester. The Local Mux on ch 24 transmits L-MAN Manchester; ch 21 transmits L-LIV Liverpool; ch 40 transmits L-PTN Preston.

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General Introduction
Photos by Malcolm Pritchard and Simon Dee; notes by Russ J Graham and Tony Lyons

Winter Hill "New" Mast - Archive Feature
Photos by TCPD

Earlier Photos (1)
Photos by Chris Ashton

Earlier Photos (2)
Photos by Chris Bickley and Mark Henson

Earlier Photos (3) - dusk
Photos by Simon Morykin

Earlier Photos (4) - in the distance
Photos by Galatas

Earlier Photos (5)
Photos by Joe Bronkhorst

July 2007 - start of DSO preparation work
Photos by Mike Holbrough

Feb and Nov 2008
Photos by Paul Martin

April 2009 - DSO work progresses
Photos by Ian Fitter

Channel M transmitting aerial
Photos by Don Head

Pictures Part 1
Photos by Tony Dunmore

Pictures part 2
Photos by Tony Dunmore

Feb - April 2014. Installation of Local TV MUX aerials
Photos by Tony Dunmore

Winter Hill DAB aerials
Photos by TCPD

Dec 2016 - new higher tx aerial for G-MAN local TV.
Photos by Tony Dunmore and Don Head

Winter Hill Just Before The Fire May/June 2018
Photos by Orion Phoenix and (last photo) Peter Wright

New S1 & S2 and Lancashire DAB aerials - June 2019
Photos by Martin Brown

UPDATED 22 Apr 2024
Winter Hill UHF transmitters 1981
Photos by John Rhodes

B700 Clearance Details 2018
Photos by (no photos)

Feature: The folks who work on the Hill
IBA newsletter extracts

Feature: Winter Hill - 405 line Band III information
ITV VHF service area

Coverage area map
VHF/FM BBC National

Coverage area map
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV

Coverage area map
UHF Analogue TV

Coverage area map
Radio Lancashire

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