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Photos by Richard Maycock Page last updated: 2023-03-17

At 412m this is Winter Hill's highest relay, though at ground level I could not see over the high hills between them. Buxton was originally a BBC landlord site which entered service on 7-Dec-1973 as a relay of Sutton Coldfield with site number 102.24 to serve a population of about 23000 people. BBC 1 & 2 were changed to relay Winter Hill on 14-Aug-1980 and the site was renumbered 103.14. ITV was changed to relay Winter Hill with the start of the new franchises on 1-Jan-1982. Channel 4 was added on 3-May-1985.

BBC national radio was added on 21st December 1989, with Radio 1 from 17-Jan-1990, making Buxton the first new BBC FM relay to transmit Radio 1. Reception is from Sutton Coldfield. BBC Radio Derby was added on
29-Mar-2001, relaying Stanton Moor. ILR station High Peak Radio was added in April 2004 although I couldn't identify the transmit aerial for this station. It relays Buxworth.

It was very windy, and the VHF Rx aerials were blowing around quite a bit. Considering this is on a reasonable day in May, this site must get some incredibly strong winds during winter (this is Buxton after all), and I wonder if this has any effect on the quality of the re-transmitted signal from this site?

The UHF transmit cylinder at the top, contains a south facing cardioid aerial. All BBC FM radio is transmitted from the two Kathrein 'spearhead' type, circularly polarised, panel aerials, just below the top platform. These provide a directional pattern roughly corresponding with the surrounding terrain of the steep Pennine hills to the west of the mast.

I assume even with the UHF Rx aerials near the top of the structure, they cannot 'see' Winter Hill over the hills, hence the rather elaborate arrangement of two tiers of 4 toed-in log periodics.

BBC national radio is received by the top two familiar looking band II log periodics. The lower pair of 4 element horizontally polarized and horizontally spaced Yagis point towards Stanton Moor for reception of Radio Derby.

Finally, what we have here is the Rx aerial for the High Peak radio service which picks up a signal from the tiny relay at Buxworth.

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