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Photos by Emley Moor Page last updated: 2022-10-18

Mk.1 and Mk.2

The 137m (450ft) Emley Moor Mk.1 tower entered service with Granada ITV on VHF channel 10 on the 3rd November 1956. The transmitting aerials were at a mean height of 122m. Aerials for BBC2, transmitting on UHF channel 51, were added to this tower at 102m, entering service on 16th January 1966. BBC2 was transferred to the 386m Emley Moor Mk.2 cylindrical mast on 9th July 1966 with aerials at a mean height of 370m. ITV transferred to the Mk.2 mast on 15th August 1966 with aerials at a mean height of 318.5m.

The Mk.1 tower was then dismantled, being re-assembled at Craigkelly.

The old and the ill-fated 'new' masts at Emley Moor.

This photo was taken in 1966.

Emley Moor Mk 2, taken in 1969.

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Wakefield Council Photography Collection 1957/8
BBC RD Report: UHF aerial Emley Moor (1966)

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