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Emley Moor West Yorkshire
NGR: SE222128 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 256m      Structure Height: 319m
Digital TV: BBC A: 47   D3&4: 44   BBC B: 41   SDN: 33   Arq A: 36   Arq B: 48  
  Local Mux: 39  
National Radio:
Local Radio: Capital FM (Yorkshire): 105.1   Heart FM (Yorkshire): 106.2  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B   Bradford & Huddersfield: 11B   Digital One: 11D   Leeds: 12D   Sound Digital: 11A  
Comments: Total height to top of original cylinder was 331.8m. This was increased to 336m in 2008 with the addition of two SIRA VHF antennas on a cantilever pole. This was then reduced to 319m after the remodelling work completed in summer 2021.

Show historic services

Mk.1 and Mk.2
Photos by Emley Moor

The collapse of the Mk.2 mast
Photos by Huddersfield Cine Club

Photos by ITA

Emley Moor Mk.2 LIVES!
Photos by Steve Senior

Photos by Mat Overton

Photos by Andy Rawlins

Photos by Chris Simmons

Photos by Dawn Banks, Mike Onyskiw and Andrew Woodthorpe

From the Air
Photos by Samir Elahcene

Photos by Max Freer, Mark Pugh and Mark Reed

Emley Moor montage
Photos by Lee Meredith

Photos by Ben Weaver

Photos by Rob Shufflebotham

Photos by Colin Simpkin

Moody and Magnificent!
Photos by David Neale, John Walker, John Taunton, Kevin Graham and Bill Wright

Photos by Keith Walker

A selection of video captures from films made by the IBA and Yorkshire TV.
Photos by IBA and YTV.

Photos by NTL

Pictures taken on 9 April 2011.
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Pictures taken March 2014
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Tour de France/Yorkshire Festival Light Show
Photos by James Furness

Emley Moor Mk.3 from up high! July 2015
Photos by David Vickers M0VKS

Temporary mast - Part 1 - Groundworks
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Temporary mast - Part 2 - Mast build
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Temporary mast - Part 3 - Attaching sections of mast
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Temporary mast - Part 4 - Attaching a mast stay wire
Photos by Mark G7RJV

Temporary mast - Part 5 - Antenna and miscellaneous pictures
Photos by Mark G7RJV

New Mast Build April 20th 2018
Photos by Bill Wright and (final picture) Nick Oates

700MHz Temporary Mast Build May 2018
Photos by Anon

Removal of antenna, GRP cylinder and support spine from tower.
Photos by Mark G7RJV

New antenna build on concrete tower.
Photos by Mark G7RJV

February 2023
Photos by Martin Brown

4th September 2023
Photos by Martin Brown

18th September 2023
Photos by Mark G7RJV

IBA data sheet and NTL glossy brochures
Photos by IBA and NTL

Feature: The Fall And Rise Of Emley Moor

Feature: Mast collapse
Eye witness reports and photos

Feature: Emley Moor - 405 line Band III information
ITV VHF service area

Coverage area map
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV

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