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Photos by Richard Maycock Page last updated: 2016-11-30

The temporary mast

The original 1988 site was located on top of an old five or six storey concrete factory building (Robinson's) which was due for demolition. Brockwell provides coverage to the Brampton area of the town, which is in a dip and cannot receive the main Chesterfield (Unstone) mast properly, particularly as two large gasometers shield much of the area from this mast, located five miles North. This temporary mast is a relay of a relay - Chesterfield, which receives Emley Moor. NTL must have had a bit of a challenge finding a suitable location. This temporary mast has to be a good forty to fifty feet lower than the factory rooftop, and about 200m away!

The mast is on a trailer, with guy wires anchored down by large concrete blocks.

This has to win the prize for the scruffiest set up around, being on rough waste ground very close to the rear of some rather ramshackle looking houses, where it gets it's power source.

The coax feed seems to run into the old brick building on the right. The RX aerial half way up the mast points roughly N/NE to Chesterfield (Unstone).

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