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Photos by Andy Dolman Page last updated: 2022-06-22

Additional equipment; Photos taken June 2022

As the previous contributor points out, the Cleckheaton relay is not actually in Cleckheaton, but in the Hightown area of neighbouring Liversedge. Some additional equipment (airwave ?) has been added since the original photos were taken.

In this part of West Yorkshire reception from Emley Moor is usually very strong, but with edge of Pennine geography there are locations on the "wrong side of t'hill" where higher ground shields the signal. For many locations like that in this area, its simply a case of turning the aerial to face Bilsdale or even Keighley, but in this case there is another area of higher ground to the north of the intended coverage area.

Most of the aerials facing this low power relay are actually below the site, in the Ashbourne area to the west of Hightown Road where elevations drop sharply towards the Fire station. Maybe the relay has a downward tilt?

Interestingly, the locations with the best view of this relay, are across the valley on the roads leading up to Cleckheaton Library, but there is also direct line of sight to Emley Moor here and I couldn't find a single vertically polarised aerial on this side of the valley.

The Tx aerial at the top, and the Rx aerial half way up facing Emley Moor have been joined by some additional equipment

The view from the north east side where the farm land is quite steep

From the south east side

Looking towards the intended coverage area, although it appears
everyone using this relay are on ground much lower down

Cleckheaton index

Emley Moor

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