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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2014-09-21

New Mast filling up Sept 2014

Bill visited Rowridge early September 2014, where work was in progress filling up the new mast with Band II and DAB antennas, amongst other third party equipment. The riggers there thought he was MB himself!

View on approach to site, old mast on left, the actual difference in height is not as great as the photo suggests!

View from the west. The old mast appears not to have been touched since DSO in March 2012, UHF cylinder still in place, and the pre DSO DTT panels still in place, and dormant. However the new mast now has a duplicate 8 tier Band II array in place, (it's the same height as the the old array on the other mast)

Top of new mast, no changes since DSO, except for winch cables

Band II stack, looks complete, and ready for action.
Note also buckets on upper platform !

Lower part of Band II stack, plus 6 pairs of HP logs for the Southampton L-MUX DTT service, beaming due north.

L-MUX DTT at top of this shot..

Band II logs on Wrotham for RBS feed

L-MUX with BBC DAB dipoles above

Cable tray from old Tx hall to new mast, filling up with feeders, that would imply FM transmitters are not being relocated to the new Tx hall building ?

Note screening plates behind the DAB array

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This site is now included in the Update List for the following reason:
New Com 7/8 Tx aerial 75m agl (below the local TV shrouded logs)

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