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Photos by Bob Morrison Page last updated: 2021-08-09

The Com 7/8 Aerial - July 2021

I made a return trip to Rowridge to record the addition of the Com 7/8 antenna located on the north facing side of the mast. This was added prior to the channel changes for 700 MHz band clearance which saw these two multiplexes move to UHF channels 55 & 56 in 2018.

My first plan was to go to the transmitter site and explore if it was possible to get round to the other side. However having driven a mile from the main road up the track we discovered the final few hundreds yard was blocked off due to roadworks. (No mention of that on the local radio travel report!) It seems they were resurfacing the last part of the access road.

So to plan B. Armed with a tripod and long lens an ideally placed lay-by was found on the road passing the site.

View from the B3323 looking southeast.

Ofcom data quotes the Local TV aerials having a mean height of 89m and mb21 understands that the Com 7/8 aerial is at 75m.

At the limit of the range of the lens.

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