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Photos by Ivan Judd, Liam Stockman and andrewp Page last updated: 2017-10-29
Nailsworth Gloucestershire
NGR: ST849990 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height: 35m
Digital TV: BBC A: 23 D3&4: 26 BBC B: 29
BBC Radio: Radio 1: 97.8 Radio 2: 88.2 Radio 3: 90.4 Radio 4: 92.6
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Nailsworth is a TV relay of Mendip (via Stroud) and a network FM relay of Wenvoe

Updated March 2012

Access to this site is difficult - narrow lanes on approach and the tower is within a large fenced compound.

Originally an IBA landlord site, TV channels 1 - 3 entered service on 24th March 1978, with Channel 4 from April 1985. DSO was on 24th March and 7th April 2010.

Ivan's photos show the tower well used by the mobile phone networks

A stack of dipoles at the top for UHF transmission, with Band II from the three panels lower down. The two slant-polarised yagis receive Wenvoe

As with a number of sites, the original building for the relay was finished with local materials - in contrast to the grey and green boxes added subsequently

Liam visited in October 2008 - the most obvious change is the addition of stacked dipoles about half way up - most likely for Airwave

Andrew visited in March 2012 - no real change...

...but the tv receive arrangements are confirmed as two vertically polarised logs directed towards Stroud

Finally, from Ivan, two views from the site

The year was 1991.


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