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Photos by Peter Bigwood and Shaun Chew Page last updated: 2020-03-30
Marlborough Wiltshire
NGR: SU209688 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 167.5m      Structure Height: 45.7m
Digital TV: BBC A: 25 D3&4: 28 BBC B: 22
BBC Radio: Radio 1: 99.7 Radio 2: 90.1 Radio 3: 92.3 Radio 4: 94.5
  Radio Wiltshire: 104.9 
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Heart FM (Wiltshire): 96.5 
Digital Radio: Digital One: 11D        Swindon: 11C       
Comments: Marlborough is a TV relay of Mendip and a network FM relay of Oxford

So, here's Marlborough. Peter Bigwood reports that it was quite a climb up a muddy track from the valley, the road to the site being "aggressively private".

Marlborough started as a BBC 1, VHF band III channel 7 site, from the 11th November 1968. This service closed on 5th October 1982.

UHF TV commenced with BBC 1 & 2 from October 1973 relaying Mendip. ITV was added on 21st June 1974, but relayed Hannington. Channel 4 was added during November 1985. ITV was re-attributed to Mendip with the franchise changes in 1982. DSO was on 24th March and 7th April 2010.

You can just make out the loop and dipole Tx antennas for ILR below the BBC Band II array, which were added on 14 October 1988. The BBC national FM radio services, plus BBC Wiltshire, were added on 25th August 1993. As far as we know ILR gets its feed from Blunsdon. BBC Wiltshire is line fed.

BBC Network radio is sourced from an RBL feed of Oxford. Presumably these antennas are on the left side (north face) of the mast. Blunsdon at the top, Oxford the two stacked yagis a third of the way up by the look of it.

Swindon Local DAB was added from 21st May 2003. Digital One from 14th December 2006.

Shaun Chew's more recent photos show the addition of the aerials used for the local DAB mux.

The view from the site shows the village of Mildenhall and the River Kennet in the valley below the mast.

Radio Wiltshire coverage area map

Blunsdon | Lacock | Naish Hill | Newton Barrow | Swindon MF

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