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Photos by Peter Bigwood, Mark Carver, and Stefan Adams Grace. Page last updated: 2022-03-05

Originally this site was a 14.3m wooden pole. See the link at foot of this page to the BBC RD report. BBC 1 on VHF channel 1 opened on 18th April 1966. Closed 6th April 1982. BBC national FM radio channels opened on 29th August 1966.

The current 45.7m square tower was built for UHF TV, which opened on 17th November 1972 on 3 channels. Channel 4 was added in March 1984. The UHF cylinder contains a west-southwest facing cardioid. DSO was on 24th June and 22nd July 2009.

FM radio was re-engineered for mixed polarisation in April 1986 with the addition of Radio Cumbria. Radio 1 was added on 16th March 1994.

The Bay (103.2 MHz) launched on 27th July 1993. Lakeland Radio (100.1 MHz) launched on 27th July 2004.

DAB service dates: BBC, 4th November 2005; Digital One, 15th December 2005.

Before DSO, the BBC's services were fed from the Lancaster TX, which in turn was rebroadcasting from Winter Hill - hence the vertically polarised trough receiving aerials.

The ITV and Ch4 feeds were via optical fibre. (The reason for not feeding ITV/CH4 from Lancaster/Winter Hill, is because Kendal is in the Border TV area, and Winter Hill/Lancaster is in Granada TV area).

Photo was taken by Mark Carver back in Oct-1980, in the days when Kendal was a plain
and simple UHF TV relay.

On the right are two band II log periodics receiving BBC FM radio from Morecambe Bay. To the left of the UHF cylinder is a 2 element slant polarised band II Yagi which transmits the 2 ILR services on 100.1 & 103.2 MHz.

The "arrowhead" aerial above transmits the BBC FM services.

Stefan Grace Adams visited the site more recently (Summer 2004) and spotted some new aerials at the top of the tower. These are the DAB aerials used by both the BBC and Digital 1. Although these services share the same aerials the BBC services are at somewhat lower power.

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BBC RD: Transmitting Aerials for the Kendal VHF Television and VHF Sound Station

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