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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2016-09-15

September 2016 - addition of DAB

I wanted to head up to Bolehill to see the addition of DAB. The DAB antennas aren't mounted on the television tower, as I originally thought, but on a smaller second tower. I wonder if there wasn't enough space on the original tower?

DAB service dates: BBC, 30th June 2014; Derbyshire, 18th October 2015.

Bolehill is situated upon Cromford Moor. It seems quite a popular spot with the locals!

The television tower is very similar to other relay transmitters in the Peak District, such as Buxton, Ladder Hill and Shatton Edge.

The BBC and Derbyshire share the same antennas, mounted 28 at metres. The BBC is half the power of Derbyshire at 300 watts. The antennas aren't facing westwards towards Wirksworth, but north-northeast towards Cromford, and the A6 corridor. This probably fills in coverage between Quarndon and Stanton Moor.

Satellite dish providing the ETI programme feed for the BBC DAB multiplex.

The Sutton Coldfield facing trough is still on the tower.

The DAB GPS cones are mounted on the brick building. My guess is that the TV transmitters are in there too.

Riber Castle near Matlock.

Alport Heights.

Crich Memorial tower.

Carsington Water.

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