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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2022-03-11

Bilsdale Tower - January 2022

It is now 12th January 2022 and the replacement 77m high tower has been built, but not yet equipped with all the antenna systems. There is link at the foot of this page to the planning application for this tower. The plans show antennas for DTV at the top, FM Radio and National DAB at 62m, 4 tiers of UHF log periods at 52m for
local TV and local DAB aerials at 49m for both Teesside and N.Yorks. At the time of my visit only the DTV antenna had been installed.

Having parked at Moor Gate, which is about 3 miles south of Bilsdale, I was surprised to see that there are now three structures on the horizon. Left is the temporary mast which has been operational since 13th October 2021, just left of centre is the new tower, and right is a third party tower.

The two broadcast transmitting structures.

The new tower.

Note the different colour steelwork on that middle section.

6 tiers of RFS UHF transmit panels on five sided array.

The plans show that this section of the tower is to be equipped with four tiers of band II, Sira FMC-06 aerials facing 340°, mounted on leg 'C'. The left leg in this picture. On leg 'A', the one behind in this picture, is to be equipped with 4 tiers of band III dipoles for National DAB transmit.

This is the third party tower which I estimate is about 2 km south of the main Arqiva site.

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North Yorkshire Moors planning application NYM/2021/0754/FL

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