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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2022-03-12

March 2022

It is now 9th March 2022 and the tower is equipped with all the planned aerials for FM and DAB radio, but not the local TV aerials. A scan on my car radio indicated that no FM radio service were being radiated. Not so easy to identify DAB transmission sites. High up on the North Yorkshire Moors I could receive all three national DAB multiplexes and the local muxes Tyne & Wear, Teesside, North Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire.

Bilsdale Quarry on the left and Bilsdale Tower on the right.

From the top down:

73.8m 6 tiers of UHF panels
62.0m 4 tiers of Sira FMC-06 band II aerials and 4 tiers of band III dipoles (not visible from this direction)
52.0m The plans show 4 tiers of UHF log periodic aerials for local TV, which have not been fitted.
49.0m 4 tiers of 5 element band III Yagis transmitting Teesside local DAB and 4 tiers of band III log periodics transmitting North Yorkshire DAB.
46.0m Two UHF log periodics to receive Pontop Pike.

Left, Teesside DAB and Pontop Pike UHF receive. Right, North Yorkshire DAB.

Four Sira FMC-06 band II aerials to transmit FM radio and four band III dipoles to transmit the three national DAB services.

The 4 band III national DAB transmit dipoles viewed from round the other side.

Twin band II log periodics facing Holme Moss.

The equipment cabins.

Meanwhile reconstruction work is underway on the main Bilsdale site.

The mast base which is to be reused.

The roof of this building has been scorched by the fire.

Bilsdale mk1 index

Holme Moss | Pontop Pike

Sira FMC-06 datasheet

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