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Photos by Mat Overton Page last updated: 2022-01-13

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Attending piano lessons towards the end of the 1980s, I remember playing on the hillside in Ainthorpe having finished my lesson and waiting for my sister to complete hers. Then all of a sudden one week, a large telegraph pole appeared on top of the hill. A few weeks later it became adorned with a few aerials. And so here I am returning, 15 years later, back on top of that same hill photographing the mast for MB21!

The 193m hill is known as "The Howe" and separates Castleton at the top of the Esk Valley from the village of Ainthorpe.

The Castleton mast - a simple affair of 4 dipoles on top of a large telegraph pole is one of four transmitters along the Esk valley relaying a signal from nearby Bilsdale (the others being Limber Hill, Aislaby and Whitby). The most recent to be built, it was added in July 1989, just to fill in a few difficult spots in the area - Danby Dale to the south, and the odd spot in Castleton itself which can't receive Bilsdale or Limber Hill. The Esk valley is a textbook GCSE geography glaciated "U" shaped valley - deep, with steep sides, which can make picking up Bilsdale a difficult task for those living at the bottom.

Today the mast has been adorned with a pair of Orange transmitters and microwaves, but the log periodic pointing to Bilsdale and the 4 dipoles remain. The large grey housing is for the TV transmitter, and the small green housing belongs to Orange.

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