UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-01-15

August 2015

The middle and right towers transmit the broadcast services. The towers are all vertical in reality. The lean being an effect of a zoom lens fully wide.

The middle tower transmits all the broadcast services. TV, FM and DAB radio. At the top are 2 band III dipoles for DAB, 4 band II panels for FM radio and at the bottom are 2 crossed vertical UHF logs, for TV.

2 band III dipoles form the BBC DAB transmit aerial. Since the May 2016, Teeside DAB also shares this aerial system.

Crossed vertical UHF logs for TV transmit. They are vertical in reality, but in an effort to find an angle where they didn't merge into the steelwork of the tower, they look somewhat skewed.

UHF receive log pointing towards Bilsdale.

Bilsdale as seen through the haze from Eston Nab. Distance is 13.7 miles.

The western most tower (right in the first picture). This used to transmit Teeside DAB. This service now shares the BBC transmit aerial.

These band III Yagis are the former Teeside DAB transmit aerials.

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Bilsdale mk1

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