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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-08-19

Temporary mast - August 2021

Following the fire at Bilsdale on 10-Aug-2021, Eston Nab has been used to restore TV and radio services to much of Teesside. To further improve the TV coverage a temporary mast has been added at the site to transmit the six main TV multiplexes at higher power.

The three main towers with the shorter temporary mast.

The temporary UHF TV mast.

The main Arqiva tower with DAB dipoles at the top, two tiers of band II panels below. 4 UHF panels have been added just below the UHF transmit log periodics.

UHF transmit aerials. The two log periodic have been rotated to horizontal polarisation.

The receive aerial has been turned to face Pontop Pike.

The western tower (right), which has the original Teesside DAB yagis, now has two band II Sira antennas. Ofcom data indicates that these are being used to restore the five displaced FM radio services from Bilsdale. Also the Ofcom data indicates that the DAB yagis are now being used to transmit the Digital One and Sound Digital mutliplexes.

Bilsdale still standing in the distance.

The view.

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