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Photos by Mike Smith Page last updated: 2017-10-24

Oliver's Mount transmits UHF TV at 2 kW and is a 0.25 kW BBC VHF network relay of Holme Moss. It also relays BBC Radio York at 0.25 kW and is the main 0.625 kW transmitter for ILR Yorkshire Coast Radio. The site first went into service on 9th May 1975, with 3 UHF TV channels. Channel 4 was added in September 1983 and Channel 5 on 18th June 1997. DSO was on the 3rd and 17th August 2011.

Below the UHF TV antenna are GSM aerials and under these are the BBC Radio VHF mixed polarised antenna panels. Immediately below these is the single ILR mixed polarised aerial. Further down can be seen two UHF TV RBR trough antennas, one is pointing towards Belmont, the other facing Emley Moor. A little further down are the RBR aerials for BBC Radio. Holme Moss for the national stations and Acklam Wold for Radio York.

BBC Radio York launched from here and Acklam Wold on 4th July 1983. Around this time the BBC were beginning to re-engineer their transmitter network for mixed polarization. The BBC use the familiar VHF radio panels, whereas the ILR service is provided by a single SIRA mixed polarized aerial but using higher power than the other services.

Radio 1 went into service from Olivers Mount on 27th March 1991. The other 3 BBC national radio services were transferred here from the original Scarborough VHF (ITA and BBC) television relay site on 14th August 1991. The frequencies remained the same but the power was increased from 0.025kW horizontal to 0.25kW mixed.

Oliver's Mount is home to a motorcycle racing circuit, there are three races a year here. Just over the road from the tower there is also a war memorial to our fallen heroes of the First, Second and Korean Wars. From here there are spectacular views across Scarborough.

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