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Photos by Eastcom Broadcast, Steve Webster and David Neale Page last updated: 2016-03-21
Angus Angus
NGR: NO394407 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 313m      Structure Height: 229.5m
Digital TV: BBC A: 39 D3&4: 42 BBC B: 45 SDN: 33 Arq A: 36 Arq B: 48
Mux 7: 55 Local Mux: 34
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio: Classic FM: 100.1 
Ind. Local Radio: Tay FM: 102.8 
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B        Digital One: 12A        Sound Digital: 11A        Tayside: 11B       
Comments: Prior to B700 clearance Angus allocations were: 60/53/57 & 54/58/49 & 31/37/48

Angus was built by the ITA to bring an improved 405-line ITV service to the Dundee & Perth area. Transmissions started on 13th October 1965 on VHF channel 11. Closed July 1984.

UHF transmissions began with BBC 2 on the 28th July 1969. This was followed by BBC 1 on the 2nd October 1971, ITV on the 30th September 1972 and Channel 4 from the launch on the 2nd November 1982. DSO was on the 4th and 18th August 2010. Mux 7 was added on the 17th June 2014 and Mux 8 on the 4th June 2015.

FM radio services began with Classic FM on the 15th October 1993 and Tay FM from 10th February 1994.

DAB service dates are: Digital One, 28th May 2002; Tayside, 25th September 2002; BBC, 29th October 2003; Sound Digital, 29th February 2016.

The next photo on this page shows Angus from nearby Craigowl...

And here's the top of the mast at the full resolution of that image:

The above was taken in late September 2007 by David Neale.

Feature: Angus - 405 line Band III information (ITV VHF service area)
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV coverage area map

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Detail of FM, DAB & tv tx antennas needed, along with local MUX aerial @ 117 m agl March 2017

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