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Photos by Mike Dimmick Page last updated: 2011-05-11

Hannington - Photos by Mike Dimmick

Mike writes:

Given reports of poor performance in some areas on, I decided to take a look for myself to see what had been done so far and what was proposed.

I've attached a number of photos but I'm not sure that any of the pictures of the mast and aerials will be that usable - my camera's only a 3 megapixel, and the light wasn't great.

The planning application documents show the new TV transmitting aerial plans:

New main transmitting array: 11 tiers of 5 panels
New reserve transmitting array: 8 tiers of 12 panels

The new main array will replace the emislot cylinder on top of the mast; the reserve will go where the current digital panels are sited. No timetable of when and how this will happen was given.

As for the poor performance: the complainers are in the south-east. The digital radiators are on the west side of the mast (slightly north of west) and face south-west, north-west and north-east. There's no planned coverage to the south-east at present! I've labelled my pictures with the rough directions I was facing.

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