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Hannington Hampshire
NGR: SU527568 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 216.4m      Structure Height: 151.9m
Digital TV: BBC A: 45   D3&4: 42   BBC B: 39   SDN: 40   Arq A: 43   Arq B: 46  
  Local Mux: 34   Local Mux: 32  
National Radio:
Local Radio: Heart FM (South): 102.9   Radio Berkshire: 104.1  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B   Berkshire & North Hants: 12D   Digital One: 11D   Sound Digital: 11A  

Show historic services

Hannington - Introduction and site information
Photos by Mark Carver

Hannington - Under Construction in 1969
Photos by John Hocknell, Gazette Newspapers

Hannington - Site Signage
Photos by David Foord and Mark Carver

Hannington - Photos by David Foord
Photos by David Foord

Hannington - June 2004
Photos by Martin Watkins

Hannington - Photos by Tony Gallagher
Photos by Tony Gallagher

Hannington - Photos by Mark Carver - 30th Dec 2006
Photos by Mark Carver

Hannington - Photos by Mike Dimmick
Photos by Mike Dimmick

Hannington DSO 1 - July 2010
Photos by Mark Carver

Hannington DSO 2 - 13th to 19th October 2010; showing the site in preparation for the heli-lifts
Photos by Mark Carver

Hannington DSO 3 - 19th & 20th October 2010; the heli-lifts
Photos by Roger Piper and Gill Taylor

Hannington DSO 4 - 20th October 2010; after the heli-lifts
Photos by Robert Whittaker

Hannington DSO 5 - 22nd October 2010
Photos by Mark Carver

Hannington DSO 6 - 24th October 2010; post heli-lift, site overviews
Photos by James Burton Stewart

Hannington - post DSO; yet more pictures, November 2010
Photos by Martin Watkins

July 2011
Photos by Mark Carver and Martin Watkins

Post DSO Work
Photos by Mark Carver

SHF Additions May 2013, and further work September 2013
Photos by Mark Caver and James Burton Stewart

23 June 2014
Photos by Daniel Pawson

Hannington Visit; March/April 2016
Photos by Andrew Murphy

Local TV Mux Aerials April 2017
Photos by Mark Carver

B700 changes April 2018.
Photos by (no photos)

Coverage area map
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV

Coverage area map
UHF Analogue TV

Coverage area map
Radio Berkshire

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