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Photos by Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2011-04-28

Hannington - post DSO; yet more pictures, November 2010

Mark C has already covered this comprehensively, but here are a few more pictures of the giblets...

The ch 39/42/45 antenna system is on the left, the ch 66 system on the right.

Ch 39/42/45 EMI slot system seen "from below"

Lower frequency 3 channel aerial again, slots set at angles of 120 degs.

Looks as though there are two tiers of slots on the lower frequency aerial. Of course some dismantling might already have taken place.

ch 66 aerial seen from below.

ch 66 aerial again

My guess is that for the ch 66 aerial there were again two tiers of 120 deg slots, but it's difficult to be sure with the effects of foreshortening. And of course some dismantling could already have taken place.

ch 66 again. If there were only two tiers for each aerial system there must have been quite a lot of spare space in the cylinder. C.f. Stockland Hill (for example) where it was a very tight fit to get a Band IV system with 3 1/2 tiers into the available space.

The top of the ch 66 section;(therefore this is the top of the whole structure).

So that's what happened to the tier of crossbows that was removed from the Local Radio aerial system. Wonder if there's a plan to put them back?

Later - apparently they are back in place on the mast (March 2011)

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