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Photos by Andrew Murphy Page last updated: 2016-10-23

Hannington Visit; March/April 2016

This selection of images was taken around Easter 2016, as I took a couple of visits to the site in that time and have done a 'collective' page of photos.

Visit One was just a 'Flying Visit', but Visit Two was a more 'In-depth' visit, where I took a hike, along with my parents and sister, on a 'Circular Walk' of the area, which took us to the back of the mast, on the very steep Cottington Hill, at the end of the walk.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have taking them!

Hannington at night from the village of South Harting in West Sussex, at a distance of 29 miles between the two points.

This was taken on a late Saturday afternoon in March, at dusk, from the National Trust Car Park/Viewpoint on the South Downs Way, above the village; this goes to show that the mast can be seen from miles around.

The Midhurst Transmitter is around the corner as well!

The mast up-close; nothing seems to have changed since my last visit, in my opinion!

Top to Bottom: main UHF Aerial > SHF Link > UHF Reserve 'wrap-around' Aerial.

FM and microwave links in this photo!

Top to Bottom: UHF Receive log-periodics on Mendip > DAB array > 'trough' aerials on Rowridge > other SHF links and various dipoles.

Just SHF + mobile phone aerials in this photo. (I think that the Channel 5 analogue panels used to be here!)

A 'full length' photo of the mast, using the panorama feature on my camera!

Satellite dishes on display here too!

UHF Receive Yagi focused on Midhurst + UHF Receive Log-Periodic looking at Oxford, plus, various FM Yagis and dipoles are installed on this mast too!

Hannington, from a nearby car park, on a cloudy day!

"How much more power do you need, Hannington?"

"Mum, What are 'ewe' looking at?" :)

There is a useful sign to confirm that you are in the village of Hannington, if you have got lost trying to locate the mast!

Even a map, with the mast location engraved on it!

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