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Photos by Mark Carver Page last updated: 2017-04-08

Local TV Mux Aerials April 2017

Two local tv muxes entered service at Hannington in March 2017, Mark visited the site in April 2017 to take a look

From the west side of the mast, on the left the Reading stack (looking NE), and on the right the Basingstoke stack (looking SSE)

Basingstoke logs

Reading logs on the right. Note the feeder diameter is noticeably slimmer than those for Basingstoke ?

Compare with pic below

Basingstoke in close up. Two feeders, one for each set I think ?

Wider view. Mounted 71m agl. Immediately below are the two UHF Troughs looking at Rowridge (Used for UHF RBL during the analogue era) Approximately half way up the mast.

From the south, the Basingstoke array. It's an illusion that the top log is looking straight into the back of the SHF dish !

Closer shot.

Mendip C4 RBS, now unused,

Two blanked off feeders ?

The UHF Rx troughs. Probably the oldest aerials still on the mast (Almost 50 yrs old)

One of the ADC Band II 'Spearheads' for BBC Berks/Heart Berks

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