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Photos by David Foord Page last updated: 2011-04-22

Hannington - Photos by David Foord

Here's David Foord unleashing the 'full power' of his digital camera!

At this magnification the fibre-glass shields surrounding the main UHF aerial panels looks more like an industrial chimmney!

The mast light on the platform handrail is probably a 150w bulb.

This close-up clearly shows the radiators for DTT (digital terrestrial television), below the main set.

The DTT aerials radiate only to the south and west of the site.

Here, below the UHF radiators, are the VHF Band II aerials which transmit the FM radio services.

From the top:

Analogue TV,
FM local radio,
GSM stuff
and DAB Band III.

At the bottom of this picture are the two 'trough' receiving antennas that are on the south face, for the off-air feed of the analogue BBC1, BBC2 and Ch4 services from Rowridge.

ITV is SHF fed.

And here we have a mixture of microwave dishes, SHF and mobile phone aerials.

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