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Photos by Paul Marsh Page last updated: 2017-11-28

Earlier photos

This Hannington relay is situated near Luccombe Village, between Shanklin and Ventnor and seems to serve a coastal strip between those two towns. Many TV aerials in the lower lying areas of Shanklin, including the old village were pointing towards it.

The mast is located about a 1/4 mile along a private road opposite a house. The aerials are all log periodics, in photo 4 those pointing left are towards Shanklin, (north) and those to the right towards Luccombe Village and Chine.

The lower pair of horizontal logs are in about the right direction for Hannington, the upper pair could be looking at Rowridge, do any of the channels use Rowridge as a feed, my info may be out of date? [Not according to the BBC and Ofcom sites - mb]

Luccombe entered service in December 1986. During 1996 the UHF channel for Channel 4 was changed from 34 to 37, to permit the use of UHF channel 34 at Fawley for Channel 5. Only two other sites used UHF channel 37 for a non Channel 5 service. Middleton (Channel 4) and Norden (BBC 2).

DSO was on 7th and 21st March 2012.

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