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Photos by Michael Curtis & Andrew Rogers Page last updated: 2021-12-26


Torteval, on the south west tip of Guernsey. This site was originally built by the BBC as a receiving station for 405-line BBC TV. It had receiving aerials for North Hessary Tor, Wenvoe and Rowridge and relayed the chosen best signal to the BBC transmitter at Les Platons on Jersey, via an SHF link. 405-line BBC TV transmissions to the Channel Islands commenced on 3-Oct-1955.

With the expansion of VHF band I TV transmissions across Europe during the 1960's, reception at Torteval suffered from steadily increasing co-channel interference. In January 1968 a new aerial system was brought into use at Torteval to improve reception from North Hessary Tor. There is a link to a BBC RD report on this new aerial system at the foot of this page. The 405-line BBC 1 transmitter at Les Platons, closed in January 1984.

Torteval was also used to receive BBC FM radio until this function was relocated to Alderney in 1984.

The UHF TV relay at Torteval entered service on 1-Dec-1983, with Channel 4 added in August 1984.

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A highly directional aerial for re-broadcast for reception of VHF television signals

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