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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2020-02-27

June 2015

No obvious changes at Ridge Hill since David Bennoson visited in June 2011. So here are some close ups of the various aerials.

The S1 main UHF transmit aerial system. 158m.

The ITV West transmit panels. Facing south and east (actually 190° and 100°). 148m.

Top set of panels are the S2 reserve and Com 7 & 8 transmit aerial system. 140m.

The band III DAB aerials at 127m. This aerial system transmits all the DAB multiplexes.

BBC National & local FM radio at 112m. Note that this 4 sided set of Alan Dick & Co panels don't look to be quite square. This is because they are not. The panels on the right (30°), are at right angles to those facing the camera (120°), but the set on the left are only 80° further round the mast at 200°. The fourth set are at 300°, which must create at bit of a null centred at 250°.

The Sira band II aerials, on the left transmit Classic FM, 102m. The south facing UHF panels on the right used to transmit analogue ITV West.

The 97.6 MHz ILR service, transmit aerials. 2 tiers of C & S Antennas, panels at 95m. These look to be at 90° to each other.

Former Channel 5 UHF panels. 86m.

The 106.2 MHz ILR service transmit aerial array. 71m.

Former Radio 1 receive aerials pointing towards Oxford. Twin slant polarised 6 element band II Yagis at 59m. This was to provide the English version of Radio 1 to Ridge Hill. Radio 1 Sutton Coldfield would be a stronger signal but couldn't be used as it is only 300 kHz away from Ridge Hill Radio 1. This is no longer in use and all BBC national FM relay Wenvoe.

Mendip receive aerials. A trough and twin UHF logs. I suspect that the logs may have been added when the BBC A mux at Mendip was moved to UHF channel 49 and therefore outside the bandwidth of the old trough RBS aerial.

Wenvoe FM radio receive aerials. Twin band II logs at 30m.

Twin Sutton Coldfield receive troughs.

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