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Photos by David Bennoson Page last updated: 2019-02-04

Ridge Hill - Post DSO (June 2011)

David writes: Ridge Hill had a smooth DSO in April 2011 and we all hope it will be more reliable than in the past. One of the previous interim changes, with reduced power from 5 to 2KW on the first early BBC multiplex, was much to the annoyance of some early adopters who lost their reception. The change to out-of-analogue-frequency band failed at first and happened 3 months later.

Analogue was always dodgy with a few seconds break on transmitter/main reserve aerial changeover. The start on national FM transmissions (in the late 1980s) also got delayed apparently, because of interference to a nearby station. Test transmissions were suspended after about 3 days.

The picture is a composite of 4 and I have tried to annotate the different aerials but if you know better or have any additions, please let us know. Thanks to Martin Watkins for some help on this.

I discovered on moving to Cheltenham that my neighbour working for EMI at the time was responsible for the design of the Ridge Hill site and ITV 405 line aerial back in 1968.

My camera only has a 6X optical zoom so I could not get a more detailed resolution.

Ridge Hill - Post DSO (14th June 2011)

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