UK Broadcast Transmission
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Regional index system created by Robert Whittaker - Computer Solutions

NOTE: this is a free service and Google impose a bandwith quota on these maps.
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UHF Television

BBC1 BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4
Entire Terrestrial Network
By main station:
Freeview Top Up TV Original Digital Terrestrial
Television Network (historic)
five Channel Five Analogue (historic)
Local digital muxes
Northern Ireland mini mux
Self help digital relays
Self help relays (all)
VHF FM Analogue Radio

Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 3 Radio 4 BBC National Radio
Classic FM Classic FM
Regional and Local Commercial Radio (FM)
Historic ILR VHF/FM Services

BBC Local Radio (FM)
English BBC Local Radio VHF/FM Services

Radio Scotland VHF/FM
Radio Nan Gaidheal VHF/FM
Radio Cymru VHF/FM
Radio Wales VHF/FM
Radio Ulster VHF/FM
DAB Digital Radio

BBC BBC National Digital Radio
Digital One Digital One (national)
SDL Sound Digital (national)
Regional and Local DAB Multiplexes
MF & LF AM Analogue Radio

Radio 4 BBC Radio Four
Radio 5 BBC Radio Five
Absolute Radio Absolute Radio (historic)
Talk Sport Talk Sport
Regional and Local Commercial Radio (AM)
Historic ILR MF/AM Services

BBC Local Radio (AM)
Radio Scotland MF/AM
Radio Nan Gaidheal MF/AM
Radio Wales MF/AM
Radio Ulster MF/AM

English BBC Local Radio MF/AM Services

The Hit List

The Hit List - stations not yet featured on mb21
Show All Stations

All Stations - shows all transmitting stations in the database

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