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Photos by Peter C Page last updated: 2020-02-18

August 2012 - pre DSO.

Interesting pictures provided by Peter.

DSO planning application for Bilsdale shows the site will keep the present antenna cylinder whose height begins at 290.5m and tops at around 310m AGL. For inside the cylinder the planning application has 4 x 8 tier panel type antenna being installed, this will be the new S1 antenna. While a new 16 x 8 tier UHF panel wrap around S2 antenna will be mounted above 266.8m AGL with the top at 276.8m.

Unfortunately the DSO planning application goes astray and no update is provided by the local council on the updated location of VHF radio antenna. The DSO planning application has a 4 tier VHF antenna mounted above the UHF cylinder starting at 310m and the top at 314m. Peter's pictures show this plan did not go ahead and confirmation with Ofcom TxParams show a mixed polarised band II antenna located at 282m which is just below the base of the cylinder. Peter's pictures show two pairs of Sira type antenna with reflectors below the cylinder at this height, these according to TxParams are for Capital FM, Classic FM and TFM.

The DSO planning application has a relocated DAB antenna above the S2 antenna and Ofcom TxParams also have a DAB antenna at 275m which would have the DAB antenna located around the top tier of the S2 antenna. But Peter's pictures show what appears to be another mixed polarised type antenna mounted below the Sira antenna and above the S2 antenna. No information is provided on these in the DSO planning application or Ofcom TxParams, so it could be these are the DAB antenna and the awkward camera angle is making them appear to be something else or they could be antenna for a non broadcast service. Only other option is they could also be for BBC Radio Tees but TxParams has that service at 259m and that would be below the S2 antenna.

Interestingly the DSO planning application and Ofcom TxParams slightly differ in that TxParams has the antenna used for BBC national radio located at 267m, but if the DSO planning application is correct for the S2 antenna then that would have the two co-sited at similar heights on the mast and the VHF antenna located in an area covering the lower panels of the 'S2' antenna and across the platform below the S2 antenna. This is not the case as Peter's pictures show the VHF antenna located below the S2 antenna and below a mast platform. Also the DSO planning application has 2 x 4 tier VHF dipole arrays located between 251.9m and 263.7m which is below the platform.

To finish TxParams has BBC DAB at 243m AGL.

Bilsdale will remain on the update hit list and hopefully Ofcom will update the TxParam database soon. Our advice to photographers is to look on the northern side of the mast when visiting the site.

I was staying at a York campsite and noticed on the Wolfbane TV prediction for the campsite that the Bilsdale mast was relatively close. After driving along the B1257 for quite a while, I located the mast on a hill.

This picture shows The radio arrays below the digital array.

Sira antenna and the unknown 'X' type antenna above the S2 antenna.

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