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Photos by Peter Bigwood and DSObod Page last updated: 2016-06-02
Rumster Forest Highland
NGR: ND197385 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height: 229.2m
Digital TV: BBC A: 27 D3&4: 24 BBC B: 21 SDN: 32 Arq A: 34 Arq B: 35
BBC Radio: Radio 1: 99.7 Radio 2: 90.1 Radio 3: 92.3 Radio 4: 95.6
  R. Scotland (Highland): 94.5  Radio Nan Gaidheal: 104.6 
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B       
Comments: Prior to B700 clearance SDN/ArqA/ArqB used chs 30/59/55

Rumster Forest is the most northerly main station in mainland Britain, bringing TV and radio to the Caithness and Sutherland area in NE Scotland. It first entered service on 25th June 1965 with 405-line ITV on VHF channel 8. Closed April 1983.

UHF TV on 3 channels was added on 24th December 1973, with Channel 4 from February 1984. DTT was added late in 1998 and DSO was on 2nd and 16th June 2010.

BBC FM radio entered service on 16th March 1984, replacing Thrumster as the transmitter for this area. Radio's 1 & 4 were added on 6th August 1993 and Radio nan Gaidheal on 7th May 2002. Despite being an Arqiva site Classic FM is not transmitted.

BBC DAB entered service on 19th June 2009.

From the top. UHF main cylinder (234m), analogue channels 1 - 4 & pre-DSO DTT multiplexes 1, 2, A & B. BBC FM radio aerial (209m). Pre-DSO DTT multiplexes C & D (190m)

Since Peter's photos were taken much work was been done at Rumster Forest for DSO...

It's mid-September 2008 and Rumster Forest was one of the first sites where a helicopter was used to lift the old main antenna off the top of the mast and lift its replacement up almost immediately afterwards.

Feature: Rumster Forest - 405 line Band III information (ITV VHF service area)
VHF/FM BBC National coverage area map
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV coverage area map

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