UK Broadcast Transmission
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Peterborough Cambridgeshire
NGR: TL127913 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 56m      Structure Height: 153m
Digital TV:
Analogue TV:
National Radio: Radio 1: 99.7   Radio 2: 90.1   Radio 3: 92.3   Radio 4: 94.5   Classic FM: 101.9  
Local Radio: Radio Cambridgeshire: 95.7  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B   Digital One: 11D   Peterborough: 12D   Sound Digital: 11A  

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Introduction and History
Photos by various

Earlier photos - 1
Photos by Sean Cooper

Earlier Photos - 2
Photos by David Foord, David Neale and Martin Watkins

Earlier Photos - 3
Photos by Joe Landy, Jules Hoult (sunset) and David Neale

It's Fallen Down!! Aftermath - 31st October 2004
Photos by Tony Mann, Nik Fox, Mark Harris and BBC Look East News

Aftermath of Collapse - October 2004
Photos by Richard Moore

Visit - 5th November 2004
Photos by David Neale

Aftermath of Collapse - temp mobile phone masts, November 2004
Photos by ATV

February and March 2005 - work begins on the temporary replacement mast
Photos by Dick Gilbert

April 2005 - the temporary mast nears completion
Photos by Dick Gilbert

August 2005 - work on the permanent replacement mast begins
Photos by Paul Westwell

October 2005 - fitting out the new permanent mast
Photos by Stephen Druitt

December 2005 - new permanent mast complete
Photos by Richard Allen

2006 - rebuild complete
Photos by Robert Whittaker

Coverage area map
VHF/FM BBC National

Coverage area map
Radio Cambridgeshire

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