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Photos by Mark Carver, Martin Watkins, and Tony Gallagher Page last updated: 2015-01-27

This site was first used in March 1976, as the then named Radio 210's sole FM transmitter. The service area covers, the town of Reading, plus a rural area south and west of the town. Reception is also possible in parts of Basingstoke, Wokingham, Maidenhead, and Newbury.

The shopping centre was at that time named the Butts Centre.

In 1985, the station won the new ILR franchise for Reading, Basingstoke and Andover, and consequently Hannington took to the air with a coverage area that totally consumes that of Broad St Mall. However the transmitter has been retained, as reception of Hannington in parts of Reading town centre is poor.

For the same reason, the BBC established a transmitter at the site in 1990 for Radio Berkshire.

Previously 2-Ten offered alternative programming for Reading (mainly Football coverage of Reading FC) from the site, whilst continuing their core services from Hannington.

Around 1990 the Butts Shopping Centre was renamed Broad Street Mall. The BBC have always referred to the site as Fountain House, the name of the office block.

Two Siras, installed 1990 when BBC Berkshire was added to the existing Radio 210 service. Prior to that there was a pair of 'Loop and Dipole' aerials (popular at many other 70s ILR installations)

The BBC's FM network radio transmission site for Reading is co-sited with the Hemdean TV relay, in nearby Caversham, a name synonymous with the BBC's monitoring station.

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