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Photos by David Fortune and Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-09-21

July 2011

This is one of three new relays in the Anglia region commissioned as part of the DSO programme.

The site is likely to have been used originally by the local electricty distribution company but is now dominated by mobile phone operators' antennas and SHF links.

Transmission is from a single tier of panels (in a five-sided arrangement) - possibly the first time such an option has been used. Receive is from a single log.

Dream FM, previously on the ex-MF mast at Telstar Nurseries, has also been relocated here.

David submitted this photo early in July 2011. The remaining photos were taken by Dan later in the month.

Dan: these signs were the most colourful thing seen during my visit - a very grey afternoon on the north Essex coast...

DSO2 was immiment - this H&S notice was presumably for an earlier stage of development.

This view is from the opposite side of the tower to David's original photo of the site and confirms the use of five panels for the tv transmit array.

The planning document for the Band II array refers to 4 x four element and 2 x two element yagis - which can be seen in more detail below.

The Band II array comprises four element HP and two element VP yagis - slightly different from the arrangement at the Telstar Nurseries site.

Proving that all three of the new Sudbury relays are different - we have a single log, in contrast to the panel at Burnham on Crouch and nothing (line fed) at Rouncefall.

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