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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2020-02-06

March 2015

I took advantage of a sunny day to check for any changes since DSO, and take some more detailed pictures of the radio aerials.

This is an easy site to visit. Parking is available under the trees just before the entrance gate to the site. The heath is open, and used by many to exercise their dogs.

The pre DSO DTT UHF aerial is still in place (212m), with the S2 reserve UHF aerial below (200m).

Analogue Channel 5 aerial panels still in place on the left with BBC East OB's receive antenna above.

OB receive antenna viewed from the front.

ILR transmit aerial system at 190m. 2 tiers of Alan Dick & Co panels.

BBC local radio transmit aerial system. Two tiers of two CSA panels facing roughly SSE and WSW. This aerial system was relocated below the ILR aerial in 2008 to create space for the S2 UHF wrap around which was required for DSO. There was a 1 dB increase in ERP to compensate for the height reduction.

Also the upper UHF receive trough pointing towards Tacolneston, on the right.

The DAB aerial shared by all three multiplexes at 167m. Does that bottom left dipole look a bit bent?

The lower UHF receive trough aerial pointing towards Tacolneston.

I estimate that the 2 UHF yagis are looking at Oxford.

Sandy Heath is also a relay for the BBC radio NICAM distribution to Peterborough and Tacolneston, relaying the SHF signals received from the link site at Whipsnade onto Peterborough and Tacolneston, via Hargrave.

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Hargrave (link site) | Peterborough | Tacolneston | Whipsnade (link site)

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