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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2016-10-14

September 2016

Not much change at Lichfield, but some updated photos for the gallery.

The old Channel 5 panels are still in situ.

Along with Turners Hill, Lichfield was one of the launch transmitters for the Birmingham DAB multiplex in May 2000. It was 0.5 kW ERP, but under the local DAB build-out Lichfield was turned up to 2.5 kW ERP. I believe these are the original panels from when the Birmingham multiplex launched.

From what I remember, the Derby multiplex went into service in November 2014. The log periodics point towards the Burton area. The Derby multiplex is 5 kW ERP from Lichfield, and it shows - it is receivable over a large part of the Midlands.

Pre-DSO HD panels face towards Birmingham. I'm guessing there wasn't enough space on Sutton Coldfield, meaning they had to be put here?

Wrekin facing TV aerial

What I think are Oxford facing aerials.

The ILR Sira points northwards towards Burton.

Waltham facing aerials.

My guess is that the dish on the left points towards Copt Oak, whereas the one on the right at Pye Green.

FM aerial pointing towards Sutton Coldfield.

Sutton Coldfield

View northwards towards the Peak District.

Pye Green

Winshill Water Tower, the other transmitter for ILR South Staffordshire.

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