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Photos by Brian Wilson Page last updated: 2017-11-08
Richmond (Mercury Road) North Yorkshire
NGR: NZ163018 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height:
Digital TV:
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Rathergood Radio: 102.6 
Digital Radio:

November 2017

Brian commments: "Some mobile phone snaps taken in unfavourable light conditions, whilst in the vicinity.

This site is on very high ground, in an industrial area overlooking Richmond town. The main population area is South East of the site, but the antenna system points South West. Listed by Ofcom as an aerial height of just 10 metres, these stacked and slanted folded dipoles are certainly very low, squeezed in below the rooflines of two large metal industrial units. Surely the radiated pattern must be adversely affected? At the time of publishing, Ofcom do not have any 'in use' aerial patterns for this site.

This site broadcasts Rathergood Radio, formerly Star. Interestingly, the stacked vertical dipoles for the original Fresh Radio 102.6 service (latterly converted to an off-air relay for Star) are still present at Borough Road on the same Industrial Estate, a couple of blocks away - and lower down the hill."

Editor's note: the Ofcom parameters specify a 3 dB reduction between north and south east - so the orientation of the dipoles is probably to fit in with this restriction.

At the north west corner of Richmond Road this slant-polarised dipole is just visible... fact there are two!

The rx antenna for the parent station is on the opposite corner of the same building.

The view 'seen' by the RX antenna.

Richmond (Borough Road) | Richmond VHF

This site is now included in the Update List for the following reason:
Swapped antenna to single lindenblad, increased antenna height by 6m.

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