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Eston Nab North Yorkshire
NGR: NZ569182 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 237m      Structure Height: 42.7m
Digital TV: BBC A: 23   D3&4: 26   BBC B: 28   SDN: 22   Arq A: 25   Arq B: 48  
  Local Mux: 30   Mux 7: 55  
Analogue TV: BBC1: 40   BBC2: 46   ITV1: 43   Ch4: 50  
National Radio: Classic FM: 101.6  
Local Radio: Capital FM (North East): 106.4   Heart FM (North East): 100.7   Smooth Radio (North East): 107.7   TFM Radio: 96.6   BBC Tees: 95.0  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B   Digital One: 11D   Sound Digital: 11A   Teesside: 11B  
Comments: A temporary tower has been erected at Eston Nab transmitting on channels 27, 24 & 21 with horizontal polarisation
due to the ongoing major incident at Bilsdale. Existing services on channels 23, 26 & 48 have been changed to horizontal
polarisation and repurposed to broadcast COM multiplexes (SDN/Arq A/Arq B). Retuning of viewer equipment may be required.
Temporary service for BBC Tees on 95.0, TFM on 96.6, Heart on 100.7, Capital on 106.4, Classic on 101.6 and SDL &
Digital 1 on DAB introduced until service at Bilsdale is restored.

With the start of the temporary service from Bilsdale Quarry on 13th October 2021, Eston Nab moved from 27/24/21 and
23/26/48 & 30/55 to new allocations of 23/26/28 (PSBs) and 22/25/48 (COMs) and 30/55

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Photos by Nicholas Bentley

August 2015
Photos by Martin Brown

Temporary mast - August 2021
Photos by Martin Brown

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